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Efficient and flexible robotics solutions

There are many ways in which robotic systems can be used in the wood-processing industry. There is great potential for robotic solutions in areas of production where people must perform hard, monotonous, and hazardous work. When these tasks are supported and/or taken over by robots, employees have more time for more attractive, higher-value work. In addition, robots can work around the clock with constant capacity and precision, thus increasing productivity.

Along with individualized, custom solutions, SPRINGER also offers standard machines including a stave laying system (SLS) and robotic labeling system (RLS). The robotic labeling system allows for the fully automated labeling of bundles and stacks and can be positioned as needed in the stacking, bundling, or bundle positioning areas.

Advantages of the Robotic Labeling System

  • Reliable optimization of the production process
  • Fast labeling
  • Application of automatically printed labels on several sides (from one or two robots if needed) of the stack/bundle
  • Attachment of label with staple or adhesive 
  • Simple to fit to existing machinery
  • Ideal in combination with the ED 3000 Wrapper

Customized support

As a family-run company, personal contact to our customers is our top priority. Our sales reps are happy to help you find the best solution.


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